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Welcome to the German History Society's website. The GHS Committee, of which I am currently Chair, seeks to keep members of the GHS and other visitors to the website informed about the Society's activities and future plans.

This website also provides links to other websites of particular relevance to scholars with interests in German history, broadly defined. These include links to the website of our journal, GERMAN HISTORY, which is maintained by its publisher, Oxford University Press, and to the websites of archives which hold materials on aspects of German history.

The GHS's activities include holding conferences and workshops, providing modest support for postgraduate students, and generally promoting communication and collaboration among German historians both in the UK and abroad. The GHS's Annual Conference is held in September, hosted each year in a different venue. It combines the business meeting of the Society with a wide-ranging conference offering researchers at all stages of their careers the chance to present work on German history broadly defined from the medieval period to the present.

The Committee hopes that this website will provide useful information about the GHS to its members and all those interested in German History.

Elizabeth Harvey German History Society