GHS Undergraduate Essay Prize

The German History Society offers an annual prize of £300 for the best undergraduate essay on German History written by a student of history (single or joint honours, or in a cognate discipline) at a UK or Irish university.

The Rules

  • Essays should be no less than 8,000 words in length and should address a theme in German history, broadly defined, covering any period from the Middle Ages to the present day.
  • Candidates should be nominated by their Chair of Examiners. Submissions, in electronic format, to Laura Kounine.
  • One submission is permitted per exam board. Deadline: 17 August.

The Decision

  • The essays submitted will be read by a jury of three historians.
  • The jury will evaluate the submissions in terms of their originality, depth, scope and rigour, and the extent to which they make a new contribution to historical understanding, as well as qualities of style and presentation.
  • The jury reserves the right not to award a prize in any particular year.
  • The decision of the jury is final.
  • The jury will make its decision by beginning of September and inform the prize candidates as soon as possible after that. Please note that we cannot offer feedback on entries for the prize.
  • Names of prize-winners will be posted on the GHS website.

This Years Winners

1st Place

Charlotte Dos Remedios

For “Women’s Bodies in Auschwitz: An Exploration of the Psychological Implications of Malnourishment on Female Prisoners”, 2021
2nd Place

Charlotte Rayner

For “Visions of Nationalism: The Role of the Imperator-class Liners in Imperial Germany’s Nation Building, 1910-14”, 2021.
2nd Place

Anastasia Rasch-Murphy

For “Remembering the Marginalised: Epilepsy and Epileptics in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945”, 2021

Previous Winners

Adam Millward

- 1st Place 2020
A Critical Review of the Contemporary Legacy of National Socialist German Language

Wilhelm Emmrich

- 1st Place 2020
German Memory Politics and the 2016 Parliamentary Resolution on the Armenian Genocide