Previous Winners of GHS Grants and Funding

Postgraduate Bursaries


Christos Aliprantis (Cambridge)

Katherine Arnold (LSE)

Lucia Linares (Cambridge)

Sabine Schneider (Cambridge)

Small grants for research trips, travel to GHS events or other conferences, or organising workshops / conferences


Robert Cotter (Queen’s, Belfast)

Constantin Eckner (St Andrew’s)

William Hamilton (Bristol)

Percy Leung (St Andrews)

Angharad Mountford (SAS, London)

Uta Rautenberg-Thomas (Warwick)

Jan Tattenberg (Oxford)

Edmund Wareham (Oxford)

Liza Weber (Sussex)

Nadine Tauchner (Leicester)

GHS – DAAD Grants for German Language Courses in Germany


Holly Fletcher (Cambridge)

Percy Leung (St Andrew’s)

Victoria Taylor (Hull)

Madeline White (Royal Holloway)