Message to the Minister of State for Immigration, sent on behalf of the GHS Committee by Elizabeth Harvey as Chair on 07 September 2016

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Dear Mr Goodwill,

We are writing to you as members of the Committee of the German History Society to express our concern at the continuing uncertainty of EU nationals working in the UK.

The German History Society brings together scholars of different nationalities working in the UK and in Ireland on all aspects of German history. We see ourselves as an international community committed to promoting scholarly exchange and dialogue about the history of Germany and of the German-speaking countries, including their place in Europe and the world. We benefit enormously from our many German, Austrian and other EU colleagues who are studying, researching and teaching in British universities. We are dismayed that the government has not yet offered an automatic guarantee to non-UK EU citizens currently studying and working in the UK that they can stay, and we urge that such a guarantee be given as soon as possible to allay fears and to confirm how much the UK values the contribution by EU citizens from outside the UK to higher education and intellectual life in this country.

Yours sincerely

Elizabeth Harvey