Expenses Claims

We are very keen to support activities related to the study of German History. However, as with any organisation, we can only make reimbursements against receipts. All claims must also include a fully completed expense claim form.

Expenses Eligible for Refund:

  • Train travel (2nd class only)
  • Air travel (Economy class only)
  • Car mileage (40p per mile)
  • Hotel accommodation (up to £80 per night, £130 per night in London)
  • Subsistence (up to £30 per day)


  • Computer/Electronic hardware
  • Books and other published materials
  • Payment in lieu of salary

In the case of recipients of the GHS £2000 major bursaries, and the GHS-DAAD bursaries, following confirmation of the award from the Society you simply submit the expense claim form and specify which bursary you have been awarded: this type of claim does not entail submitting receipts.

Please submit all receipts and expense claim forms to the Treasurer of the German History Society: [email protected].