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Site Logo / Title

Site Logo

The site logo is the image that displays in the browser tab of the site, and also next to the title. It can also be added to the page using the “Site Logo” block.

As of writing, the GHS was planning on getting a new logo produced for the site, so you may have to change it in the near future, see below on how to do this.


To change the site logo, navigate to Appearance->Customise->Site Identity->Logo. Here you will see a button called “Change Logo“, click this and upload your new logo.

The recommended image size is 250×250 pixels, however it can sometimes be better to upload a higher resolution image if the logo appears blurry.

A logo with square outer dimensions is best to avoid layout errors, and make sure their is no hidden space or padding when you upload the image.

Before clicking “Publish” to save your changes, make sure the logo appears correctly on the site preview on the right.

After everything looks alright click “Publish” to push your changes.

Site Title

The site title is the title that appears in the browser tab, it is also visible in some google searches, and play an important role in SEO. The options to change it are in the same place as the site logo under the “Site Title”.

Simply change it as desired and click publish to push your changes.