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The navbar is the menu that appears on the right hand side of the site, and is toggled via the red menu tab.

This tutorial will explain how to remove, rename, and add navigation items.

Adding a Navigation Item

First create the new page that you want to add to the navbar.

Then to add the new page to the navigation menu, go to Admin Panel->Appearance->Menus.

Here you will see the current navigation menu under “Menu Structure”, on the left you will see the interface to add new menu items. The only menu item you will need for the site is the one labeled “Pages”.

If the newly created page is not visible, click on “View All” to see all pages, then select the new page and click “Add To Menu”. The new page will then appear on the right at the bottom of the list, simply drag and drop it to the desired location in the nav menu.

Removing a Navigation Item

Simply find the nav item in the list within Admin Panel->Appearance->Menus, click on the item to expand it, then click “Remove”.

Renaming a Navigation Item

If you would like a navigation item to have a name that is different from the name of the page it is linked to. Click on the navigation item to expand it, then under “Navigation Label”, change the field to the desired name.


Make sure you click “Save Menu” After modifying the nav menu, otherwise your changes will not be saved.