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The News block is a simple block that allows you to add news items to the site.

All news items will appear on the “News” page, which uses the news template.

News items are edited the same way as a page with the full editor view.

The Latest News Block

For news to appear in the latest news block, then the “Front Page” category has to be added to the news item either within the editor, or in the quick edit menu.

News Thumbnails

To set a news items thumbnail, then the featured image must be set on the post.

This image will be used in the latest news block, and on the news page as the thumbnail of the item.

Other images can still be embedded within the news item content, but they will not be visible on the news preview.

News Categories

The only category that has any impact on the layout of the site is the “front page” category (see above). Please do not edit this category or delete it.

All other categories can be added or removed at will, they are useful for splitting the news items depending on their subject.

Site users can click on a category when reading a news item to see all news of that type.

Admins can use the categories to help manage the site content.

Please bear in mind that users can see all categories added