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This is a list of the current and previous winners of various awards in the GHS.

Once again, they do not have full editing enabled, below are the list of fields available for editing:

  • Title – This is the name of the award winner.
  • Article Title – The title of the winning article.
  • Article Link – A link to the winning article, if provided.

Important Information

Award Types

This is the type of award that has been won eg. “Postgraduate essay prize”. This type will dictate which page the award is displayed on.

IMPORTANT — If a new award type has to be added then follow these instructions exactly:

  1. Create a new award type reflecting the new GHS award. eg. “Researcher Essay Prize”.
  2. Create a new page that has the exact same name as the added award. As per the example above, the page would be called “Researcher Essay Prize”. Please check the names match exactly or the new awards will not display on the new page.
  3. On the right side of the page editor for the new page, in the template section, switch the template to “Awards”.
  4. The awards will display underneath any content added to the page in the editor.
  5. Publish the page and the new award winners and verify that they are displaying correctly.

Winner Placement

This is the place that the winner finished in, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. As well as wether they are the current winner or a past one.

Current winners are displayed in large format on the award pages, while previous winners are displayed below.

Once a new batch of winners have been chosen for an award type, then you will need to go through and untick “Current” for the last batch of winners.